Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Magnetism & Electricity Study Guide

Please see the study guide under "Important Documents" on this blog or click HERE to prepare for this assessment after spring break, on Thursday, April 6th.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Looking Ahead...

GARDEN NOTES: Mrs. Putnal has marked the first week in April for refurbishing and planting in our gardens. We love having parent volunteers! Please let us know when you can help.

TESTING WEEK: 4 day week: April 10-13. No Late Start on Wednesday, April 12. Good Friday Holiday on Friday, April 14. 

PHOTOS for Slide Show: If you have any pictures from classroom events or field trips this year, please send to us for use in our End of the Year Slide Show. Thanks for your help!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"Love and Logic" presents "Synthetic Success"

Ten-year-old Kaylee rarely blundered. Apart from a few small errors committed under her mother’s radar, her slate was clean.
Managing this state of near perfection required a tremendous amount of vigilance and work on everyone’s part, including her parents’. Every friend had to be carefully monitored and continuously assessed. Each homework assignment, book report, and science fair project necessitated high levels of vigilance so that the adults in Kaylee's life could help her detect and correct errors before drafts landed on her teachers’ desks. Participation in sports always led to significant financial sacrifices, since private lessons were the only way she could learn to run, jump, throw, hit, and catch, without error.
          Kaylee’s parents were dedicated to engineering success… a type of success not created organically through trial and error… but from the fragile thread of good intentions.
          Is this a sustainable plan, or will Kaylee’s parents eventually lose their ability to engineer success?
Does Kaylee truly believe she has what it takes to overcome failures, or does she live in fear that one might someday come her way?  Have you ever met an adult who was raised this way?  Do these adults demonstrate high levels of perseverance when the going gets tough, or do they avoid challenges like the plague?
What are the societal and economic impacts of raising children like Kaylee? Who are the most successful people you personally know? Have they always been successful, or have they experienced a good degree of failure?
At the heart of all science and all great innovation are risk and resulting failure. The data of each successive failure informs the path to success. As a country are we raising kids who understand this process and are therefore truly prepared to discover greatness or are we creating young people who are too fearful to walk this path?  Parents and educators dedicated to raising tomorrow’s great thinkers and doers understand that all children need:
1.     encouragement to grapple with unanswered questions, to use a sewing machine, to explore the ins and outs of cooking a complex meal, to play group sports, to use a microscope, to fix a bike, to do homework, and to complete other tasks with as little adult interference as possible.
2.    us to place greater emphasis on taking healthy risks and persevering through failure than on stellar grades, great fashion, and athletic stardom.
3.    to make plenty of affordable mistakes over basic hygiene, homework, money management, social interactions, and other daily matters.
4.    parents brave and loving enough to allow these wonderful failures even when criticized by more socially appropriate and politically correct parents.
5.    to experience the logical and natural consequences of their failed choices.
6.    to simultaneously experience sincere empathy and unconditional love.
7.    guidance to see that success is earned by having the guts to fail and learn more frequently than the average person.
8.    adults who show them that failure is not final… it’s informative.

Dr. Charles Fay

Building Circuits

Today in Science we learned about closed, open, series, and parallel circuits.  Enjoy a few pics below of our fun building circuits in the lab.  

Monday, March 13, 2017

Tybee Island Trip Chaperones

Thank you to so many who offered to serve as chaperones for our upcoming trip! We are blessed by your willingness to help. These names have been drawn and will receive info tomorrow about their role as a chaperone:
Erin Atkinson
Sallie Bateman
Chris Cawley
Brian Corrigan
Adam Crosby
Rebecca Fleming
Sarah Gradwell
Trixy Hanson
Melinda Harden
Chrissie Hetes
Amy Hines
Kelly Jones
Bill King
Heather Merritt
Steve Norris
Tacie Rozier
Leah Smith
Jenny Stanfield
Debbie Stokes
Jeremy Tolbert
Clint Ward
ALTERNATES: Meagon Davis, Alan Fennell

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Science Vocab Quiz Friday March 17

Click HERE for the study guide for the Electricity and Magnetism vocabulary to prepare for the quiz next Friday, March 17. Or find it under "Important Documents" on this blog.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Chaperone Reminder

Please remember to turn in your chaperone interest form by Friday, 3/10/17, if you are interested in participating in the drawing to be a Tybee parent chaperone.  Selected names will be drawn and posted on our 4th grade blog by Monday, 3/13/17.    

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Polar Regions SS Test

Our next Social Studies test on Polar Regions will be on Thursday, March 9th.  Access the study guide under Important Documents or by clicking HERE and HERE.  Thank you!
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